Copies of Motor Vehicle Accident Reports - Effective April 1, 2011, accident reports will be
available online at  The fee charged by the website is the responsibility of the
person requesting.  

Only individuals or organizations requesting an accident report directly from the Sheriff's Office who
have an "interest" in an accident will be provided with a copy of the accident report with no fee.
"Interest" meaning:
1. Is listed on a Vehicle Registration or Title of a vehicle involved in an accident.
2. Was an operator or passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident.
3. Is a parent of a juvenile (17 or younger) involved in an accident.
4. Is a property owner of which their property was involved or damaged in an accident.
5. Is an insurance company or attorney or other professional entity representing an
organization             or individual involved in an accident.

Anyone requesting a copy of an accident report directly from the Sheriff's Office must complete the
ACCIDENT REQUEST FORM.  Click here for a copy of the Form -
Accident Request Form.
The form can then be mailed or delivered in person to the Sheriff's Office.  After a 7 to 10 business
days processing period, the Sheriff's Office will notify the person requesting that the report can be
picked up in person at the Sheriff's Office.

A Law Enforcement agency or other government agency requesting a report should contact Jessica
at 518-828-0601 X 1414

Copies of Incident reports will be released pursuant to Freedom of Information regulations.  See
FOIL REQUEST  A freedom of information form or a request in writing must be completed and
submitted.  This can be done in person at the Public Safety Facility, or the a request in writing can be
mailed.  The request must contain as much information as possible and as specific as possible
regarding date, location and names involved.  If a Freedom of Information request is made in person,
please understand that the report/information can not be done immediately while you wait.  All efforts
are made to address the request within the time period allowed by law.  

NOTE: Incident reports that include open active cases can not be released.  If you require
information regarding the incident, legal avenues must be followed.  General information
from the report itself can be released from the Sheriff's Office in letter form to insurance
companies, etc..., if required .

Requests can be made;

In-person or by Mail:
Columbia County Public Safety Facility
Attn: Sheriff's Office - Records
85 Industrial Tract
Hudson, NY  12534

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Incident Reports - (518)-828-0601 x 1415
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