Columbia County Sheriff's Office
David P. Bartlett, SHERIFF                     John W. Davi, UNDERSHERIFF
Notice from Columbia County Sheriff's Office

In an effort to reduce false alarms within Columbia County, the County has updated its
alarm ordinance and partnered with PM AM Corporation to implement and administer the
Alarm Program.  The goal of the ordinance is to reduce the number of false alarm
activations requiring a response by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and Local Fire
Departments, which will free up resources and reduce the fines levied on alarm
customers.  Even the most responsible alarm owners will occasionally cause false alarm
activations, approximately once every 18 months, The False Alarm Academy provides
education on false alarms and is designed to reduce recurrences through education.

PM AM is a national company with expertise in managing alarms, and will be responsible for
our alarm registration; false alarm billings features and provide excellent customer
service. PMAM will reach out to each alarm user to assist them in annual renewal of their
alarm permit one month prior to the permit expiration.

Columbia County Local Law # 7 requires the residents and businesses within the County
limits of Columbia, to register their alarm systems annually for a twenty five ($25.00) dollar
fee.  Additionally, residents and businesses may be charged for law enforcement or fire
department response to repeated false alarms.

Please visit to view the most current Alarm

The law provides for a fine of up to $50.00 for each unregistered or expired alarm system in
Columbia County.

For any questions related to the Columbia County Alarm Program, please call us at
(888)-250-3183 Monday- Friday 9:30AM till 6:30PM EST.

Columbia County False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O Box 141327
Irving, TX 75014

If you would prefer not to register online, you may print the registration form
HERE, and
submit the form and payment to the Sheriff's Office.  

To register your alarm online, please CLICK HERE

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