Columbia County Sheriff's Office
David P. Bartlett, SHERIFF                     John W. Davi, UNDERSHERIFF
The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is accredited by the New York State Accreditation Council as
a full service law enforcement agency .  The main office is located at the Public Safety Facility in
Greenport, New York, a short distance from the City of Hudson.  There are Sheriff's satellite offices
located in the Towns of Kinderhook, Ancram, Germantown and Chatham.  

There is a full service 24 hour Sheriff's Office Sub-station on Route 23 near the intersection of Route 22
in the Town of Hillsdale.

The men and women of the Law Enforcement Division are
certified police officers sworn to serve
and protect
the 64,000 residents within the 644 square miles of the county.  The Sheriff's Office has
jurisdiction throughout Columbia County and focuses on those areas which do not have police
departments or a police patrol on duty.  While on patrol, making arrests, investigating accidents and
performing the other routine law enforcement functions of a police officer, Deputy Sheriff's also carry out
civil enforcement functions and many have taken on the added duties and responsibilities of supervisors,
investigators, evidence technicians and as members of special operations teams such as K-9, SWAT,
DIVE and the Marine Patrol.  The Sheriff's Office works closely with the other police and public safety
agencies to provide the best service possible.  

First line patrol supervisors are Sergeants Donald Krapf, Brian Molinski, Andrew Broockman, and Eli

Law Enforcement Division consists of the Uniformed Patrol, Criminal Investigation and
branches of the Office.  Pursuant to N.Y.S County Law, all Deputy Sheriffs are
required to reside in Columbia County.  Many are raising families and volunteer with fire companies and
other organizations in our communities.